Landscape Design

Why hire a landscape designer?

Landscape designers are passionate about helping create beautiful outdoor living spaces to fulfill the homeowner’s needs and desires for the space.

Benefits include:

  • Having access to a passionate, knowledgable professional able to answer your gardening questions.
  • Saving time and money having it done right the first time.
  • Having a unique, customized landscape or garden design which best fits your needs and desires.

Garden Consultation:

Sometimes we all just need a second pair of eyes. Have a horticulturist visit your garden and help answer your questions, from plant i.d. to pruning to pest and disease control.

  • A service for those who have an established landscape or garden. Appointment is about 1 hour.
  • Have a professional answer your questions about any garden or landscape topic.
  • Consultations start at $150.
Garden Design:

Looking to create a new garden space, or perhaps you have one but aren’t quite sure how to best utilize the space. Invite a landscape designer to visit the space and help build upon your ideas.

  • A service for those who need help choosing and placing plant material in new or existing beds. Appointment is about an hour.
  • Our professional design staff will guide your needs and desires to best enhance your outdoor living space and leave notes and a rough garden drawing for your future reference.
  • Garden designs start at $300.
Landscape Master Plan:

A master plan is the best option for planning out and bringing your dreams to life. It provides all the information you and your contractor needs to complete your outdoor living space and add value to your home.

  • A service for those who are looking to have both plant material and stone work completed, providing a detailed Dynascape drawn scale drawing of all materials and installations involved.
  • Master Plans start at $1000 and a 50% deposit is required to start the design process.

Let us help you create a customized landscape plan to grow the needs and desires you have for your outdoor living space with one of our personalized landscape services.