Gifts for Gardeners with Kristin Beane Sullivan

With Christmas around the corner, you may still be looking for a gift for that special gardener in your life. In this episode of Down the Garden Path podcast, Matthew Dressing and Joanne Shaw are joined by Kristin Beane Sullivan from Garden Gate magazine. Kristin shares some of her favourite gardening gifts she’s received, gifts she’s given, and other good gifts for the gardener in your life.

About Kristin Beane Sullivan

In her 25 years at Garden Gate magazine, Kristin Beane Sullivan has been lucky to meet hundreds (if not thousands) of gardeners, tour and photograph countless gardens, and learn something from every single gardener she’s met. She comes from a long line of farmers and gardeners, and today tends an ever-expanding urban garden with her husband, and three teenagers who are a lot more help in the garden than she was at their age.

Tune in to hear Joanne and Matt speak with Kristin Beane Sullivan about gifts for gardeners.

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  • What are your gift recommendations for this holiday season?

  • What would be your top gift choices for new gardeners?

  • What’s your favourite gardening gift you’ve ever received and why?

  • Tell us a bit about Garden Gate magazine.

  • What amazing information can our listeners find within its pages?

  • What topics does Horticulture magazine cover?

  • What types of subscriptions can we get to these magazines?

Season 8, episode 42 - December 5th, 2022